20 Homes for Dinner a Raging Success

20 Homes for Dinner launched Friday, October 25 and was an instant “raging success”! There have been countless stories of laughter, spectacular food, and a new sense of community. This is truly the start of something very special, something that will grow into a city-wide dinner party in years to come.

Guests attended a reception where they exchanged their tickets for an envelope containing the much anticipated reveal of their dinner host. They dashed off across Toronto to their host’s homes where they were met with cheer, great food, and delicious wine.

Guests gather around host Olivia Chow's home to enjoy a delicious feast

Guests gather around host Olivia Chow’s home to enjoy a delicious feast

“We all had such an incredible time together, on Friday night. It is unbelievable how 10 complete strangers can come together and have such a tremendously positive and fun experience together! I will highly recommend this event next year!”  Michelle Cooke Little – HOST


Thanks to your support, we raised $50,000that will go directly to providing housing and supports for the homeless in Toronto. Not only did you believe in our big dreams and bring them to life, you helped us reach our fundraising goal. You showed that Torontonians care about their community and helping the homeless.

”We would like to share the enjoyment and surprise my wife and I received that evening through our hosts. It was prepared with so much love, care and professionalism that it transcended the room and all the people in it. What a great event, what a wonderful idea by Homes First.” Udo and Francine – GUESTS

 A past Homes First resident shares her inspiring story.  

A past Homes First resident shares her inspiring story.

Make sure to check our Facebook page for photos of the event and relive the experience at #Homesfordinner!

Can’t wait to see you next year!

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