How We Helped Alexis


Originally from Brampton, Alexis had a tumultuous childhood, checkered with an eating disorder and substance use. The small town couldn’t offer the support Alexis needed to work through her struggles, so she spent a lot of time in Toronto attending therapy.

“I was right on the cusp of something great,” Alexis remembers. “I had employment, I had a car, I was engaged and then the addictions just blew everything apart and I self-destructed. I was coming into Toronto all the time for my therapy so thought maybe it’s time to move here.”

But when she arrived in Toronto, the housing she had secured fell through and Alexis found herself with nowhere to go. She ended up at StreetCity, a Homes First initiative in the 90s that provided shelter to those most in need.

“I came to Pleasant Manor in ’96, so for about 18 years I’ve been living at Pleasant Manor. It feels like I was so much younger then. Two flights of stairs was no problem. Now it feels like a workout. There’s no elevator here. It’s been deemed a historic site because of the architecture, so I don’t have to worry about it being sold out from beneath me.”

Alexis sat on our Board of Directors as a resident representative. “When they make a decision about something I want to know about it, so I can explain it to people who might not know exactly what is going on in their home. Where I live is very important to me.”

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