Chester – Wanda's Arts Award nominee

Chester’s room is spotless and everything in it clearly has its place, including the many meticulous pencil drawings he’s methodically taped to his walls. Chester picked up a pencil a mere four months ago, inspired by the drawings gifted to him by his two-year-old grandson, his pride and joy. Moved by the free-flow of his young grandson’s art, he’d draw the shadows and shapes he saw in the pictures.

“I feel energy when I make my art. I started drawing to stop sitting around being lonely.” Chester has crippling arthritis and struggled with both crack and alcohol abuse. But now, he fills his days creating intricate drawings, each one taking a week to complete.

Chester loves turning on his music and getting lost in his art for hours. He’s looking forward to taking his craft to the next level, “I’m trying to get a larger table in here so I can try drawing on some bigger paper. I really can’t wait to start doing the big stuff!” His answer is humble and simple when asked what he would do with the WAA bursary: “Table. Paper. Pencils. Chair. I would love a comfortable chair.”


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