David - Wanda's Arts Award Nominee

Ever since David can remember, he’s always had multiple hobbies on the go. His inclination to learn has always been driven by an inquisitive mind.  “I can’t stick with one hobby, I never know what the next one’s going to be,” he says. An inventor, photographer, painter and sketch artist, David has even written ‘elegant code’ for Atari, the arcade juggernaut of the seventies. He remembers the feeling of discovery and how “the excitement of creating was great.” He considered himself an artist even then. “Everybody’s an artist. An artist is a person who thinks creatively and appreciates their own mind and imagination.”

David came to Homes First seven years ago and during that time has found community and support with the staff and fellow residents. He affirms, “Homes First is very important to me. Things were very difficult before I came here.”

David’s presently absorbed in studying Photoshop. Completely self-taught, he’s been using the photography software for over six years. “Every time I get on there I learn stuff, I discover things.” One of David’s projects involves taking a photo of one of his abstract paintings and manipulating it to create a 3D affect. He also explains that sleep is an important part of his process. “Most of my best ideas come to me when I’m trying to sleep,” he shares. “I’m one of those people whose brain never turns off.”

Mastering Photoshop enables David to be creatively diverse, which provides him with the full spectrum of human emotion. “I feel every feeling, every emotion really.” he declares. Every time he works on a project it fires him up “like gas in a car” while simultaneously engaging his mind and keeping boredom at bay.

If he’s awarded the WAA bursary, David plans to set himself up with access to the internet. He’d like to Skype with remaining family but would also like to leave an artistic legacy. “I’m not going to live forever, so what I’m going to try and do is get some of my work out on the internet so it can be shared.”

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