Emergency Shelter and Homelessness Service Worker Appreciation Week: Freshtah and Kristen

When Freshtah heard that Willowdale resident Edwin was leaving, she had mixed feelings. They had built a rapport and she enjoyed spending time getting to know him so she was sad to see him go, but happy that after all his hard work, he had found housing and was ready to start his life in Canada.

“It’s very easy for me to say this is my favourite job ever,” she says. “It’s just so fulfilling to me and that’s the part I really enjoy the most.”

For Kristen, she admits she teared up a little when reading the letter.

“I was surprised to know how much I impacted him,” she says. “Small things in my mind made a big difference for him.”

Kristen met Edwin on her very first day at Willowdale, and felt that their rapport helped guide both of them through their new roles, Kristen as a front-line worker at

Willowdale and Edwin as a new resident of Canada.

For both, receiving the letter was a heartwarming gesture that served as a symbol of the effect staff have on residents.

“It’s a good reminder for me that the work we do is really recognized by residents,” says Kristen.

“When you see how it makes them feel and it leaves a lasting impression, it really makes you feel good,” says Freshtah.

Thank you Freshtah, Kristen and all Homes First staff for the wonderful impact they have on the lives of our residents! See below for Edwin’s letter!

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