Intensive Case Management support with an acquiring housing focus is provided by staff to residents in our shelters. Each Housing Help ICM staff carries a caseload of residents and provides one-to-one support that assists them to work specifically on attaining safe, secure housing and connections to the community. Each individual has unique needs and what they require can depend on the day or time of year.

Our main type of program is our one-on-one, intensive case management (ICM) which assists residents with challenges such as hoarding, personal hygiene, housekeeping, accessing health resources and pest control. Such challenges are commonplace among individuals with complex mental health and substance use challenges, more often compounded by added challenges associated with aging. When not attended to, these challenges often create situations that threaten one’s housing stability, can end with the threat of eviction and homelessness. Homes First’s hard-working frontline staff provide daily, intense, one-on-one attention to residents, with special emphasis on crisis management.

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