Engagement and input from people with lived and living experience with homelessness and other challenges our residents may be facing, is integral to ensure that the types and delivery of supports offered by Homes First are appropriate, relevant, and effective. They not only offer insight into the communities we are serving, empower resident goal setting, provide employment opportunities for residents, but establish a greater sense of organizational accountability to our residents.

Homes First support services operations are guided by the importance of peer-based delivery/supports. Our agency has developed, implemented and continue to oversee several peer-based support initiatives: Homes First is a part CAMH operated Scarborough Addictions Services Partnership (SASP), comprised of several agencies to discuss best practices and share resources regarding harm reduction supports—out of this partnership, Homes First is now running weekly peer meetings at 2 of our hotel shelters wherein our peers are trained and empowered to support other residents through harm reduction; there are currently 7 peers delivering harm reduction supports at our Strathcona hotel shelter; and from 2017-2020, in partnership with the Toronto Urban Health Fund (TUHF) we ran a widely successful peer-based harm reduction program.

Sites Running This Program:

  • Kennedy Road Shelter
  • Hotel Shelters

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