HFS Access to Education Scholarship Recipient 2020: Ike

When Ike came to Canada he saw the chance for a fresh start and to finally go to school for a sector he’s been working in for many years; International Development.

Working in Nigeria for many NGOs, both national and international, gave Ike a lot of experience in working to support people. With that experience, he’s helped house over 80 Homes First shelter residents, mostly at Homes First’s St. Clair Shelter.

Ike also attended school while working, taking evening classes so he could attend in-person courses after work. Since the pandemic began, schooling has shifted to online, which is he is happy for as he no longer has to hurry to campus.

For Ike, his current program isn’t just a chance to learn the theories behind work he has already done, but a stepping stone to something larger. He hopes one day to complete a PhD, so he can continue to work in developing countries and create programs that help on a humanitarian level.

“I’m fortunate to have parents who instilled love for education in me,” he says. “I feel like it’s important I equip myself with as much education as possible.”

Ike is grateful for having Homes First be part of his story by supporting him through the scholarship opportunity. Congratulations to Ike on receiving the HFS Access to Education Scholarship in its inaugural year!

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