Inspiring and Courageous: Meet Bernadette

Bernadette has lost a lot to addiction, including daily access to the most important part of her life: her son. He lives with her parents in another town. Yet through sheer grit and determination – and your help – Bernadette is getting things back in order. 

“My child is a miracle,” she says, tearing up. “My main goal is to have secure housing and provide for my son.” 

Thanks to you, she now has that secure hosuing and is moving forward with her life. She commutes on weekends to visit her son and looks forward to the day they can live together as a family. Bernadette is further proof that people need a home before they can begin to work on other issues. 

A person with no fixed address cannot obtain a primary care physician, receive a welfare cheque, keep in touch with famil yor secure a job. Without stable housing, other major personal or family issues can’t be addressed. 

That’s why the Homes First concept was first pioneered 30 years ago. Homes First Foundation helps develop and provide affordable, stable housing and support services to break the cycle of homelessness for people with the fewest housing options. Your support helps us save lives, restore dignity and revive the potential of people trapped on the fringes of society. 

With a decent home, these people have a chance to integrate with society again. 

They become healthier and rely less on social and health services.

In fact, by supporting Homes First, you’re helping to save the health care system more than $6 million a year. The full benefits to society are incalculable. The individuals you help are good people with a lot to contribute. They just need the right support. 

Bernadette, for example, is a dedicated volunteer. She runs workshops at a local church to help others in similar situations. She volunteers to make harm reduction kits for an outreach organization. She gives talks at support groups to inspire others to get their lives back in shape. 

“It makes a difference in my life to be able to help others,” she says. “It makes me happy.”

Bernadette’s ultimate goal? To get training and become a counsellor who helps guide others off the street and into productive lives. She’s already on the way, and with your continued support, Bernadette and others like her can turn their lives around. 

Can we count on your help?

There are so many like Bernadette who urgently need assistance and support: Low-income seniors subsisting without famliies to help them. Women escaping violence, trying to raise their kids in the shelter system. Refugees from war, lost in a strange, cold city. People with mental health issues who’ve fallen through cracks where there is no safety net to catch them. 

Please help us help more vulnerable people and give to Homes First today!

Your support has significant impact. In the past year alone donors like you have helped us provide supportive housing for over 350 people including children, 60,800 nights of emergency shelter and serve over 140,000 meals. That’s just the beginning! The impact of our work is extended through partnerships with over 100 agencies and programs, as well as an army of volunteers, so we can acctually change lives.

Homes First has a waiting list of vulnerable people who urgently need assistance and unfortunately, we just don’t have enough resources right now. Please help by giving what you can today. Thank you!

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Housing first is part of the solution to ending chronic homelessness.

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