July All Staff Meeting – Service Awards

Yesterday all Homes First Society staff congregated at the Charbonnel Lounge on the U of T campus for the All Staff meeting. Twice yearly, the team meets up to celebrate successes, learn more about one other, and explore topics that will benefit the type of work we do. This years’ focus was on resiliency and working with people with disabilities. 

In the morning we learned that resiliency…

is the ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity or the like.

is based on the way we think – “Are we in control?” + “What is taking place and what will trigger us?”

myths are: that you are always positive, never give up and know how to go it alone.

characteristics has to do with being curious, adaptable, having a support system and putting yourswelf in others shoes.

And some ways to become more resilient are embracing change, learning to accept your failures, being prepared, open–minded and nurture yourself.  

In the afternoon sessions, we learned about and how to work better with people with disabilities.

We learned about…

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act and what people with physical, hearing loss, blind, cognitive delays, mentally ill, neurological, chemical sensitivities, facial difference disabilities would want us to know and how we can take this knowledge in order to provide better service and care.


The whole day was memorable, but recognizing certain Staff Service milestones is especially noteworthy. Thank you again for your years of dedicated service within Homes First and for our residents!   

5 years (2011)

Misty Hill

Loretta Whiskeyjack

Florence Tuhame

Alva Lambert

10 years (2006)

Kim Mole

Nickeisha McFarlene

Judith Gumpo


15 years (2001)

Tokunbo Caxton-Idowu

Lesley Earl

Nyoka Sterling

25 years (1991)

Abdullahi Osman





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