How We Helped Kyla


Always one with itchy feet, Kyla spent her life moving from city to city across Canada. By the time she was 27, she had lived in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. Interested in constitutional law, Kyla decided to pursue a law degree at the University of British Colombia. While at school, she developed severe blood clots in her lungs and ended up in the hospital for 14 weeks. Unable to recover academically, Kyla moved to Victoria and, with a government grant, she opened an office that advocated on behalf of people whose CPP claims had been rejected.

“Each case was very different and I had to research each one. It was very challenging, so I didn’t get bored,” says Kyla. “But then I had a bad stroke. That’s why I’m not working now. I have to use my scooter to get around.”

After her stroke, Kyla decided to move back to Ontario. She fell ill again and returned to the hospital. When well enough to be discharged, hospital staff sent Kyla to an emergency shelter where she stayed for nine months.

With the help of shelter staff, Kyla secured housing with Homes First and moved into Meegwetch a few months later. She has been here for over six years with her lovely cat, Midnight. She is grateful for a home, but misses her independence.

“I know I’ll never be able to pack up and move,“ Kyla said quietly. “It was a wonderful thing to be able to do while I could do it and I’m glad I did it. It’s still hard to think about.”

Thankfully, Kyla has a strong community around her now for support. She considers her cat Midnight her family, her friends in the building her extended family, speaks highly of staff, and knows she has found a true home.

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