How We Helped Michael

MichaelMichael was 23 years old when he moved to Toronto from Brockville.  Stepping off the bus, he went straight to Dixon Hall. He was a troubled teen with a carefree attitude, but came from a good family. His dad was a geography and history teacher and his mother was a secretary at the same school. Michael fell into the wrong crowd at an early age, and started doing drugs in high school. He decided to move to Toronto and start over. While staying at Dixon Hall, he worked for 6 months at a steel mill. Because of his addictions he struggled to stay sober and keep a job. Eventually, he ended up on the streets. For two years, Michael slept under the Spadina-Lakeshore bridge. The following eight years were spent sleeping under a bridge near Dixon Hall. He has not seen his family in over 25 years. 

Michael finally reached out for help, and moved into Strachan House in March of 1998. He has lived there since.  Michael is newly sober, and he hopes to pay off his debt and stay clean. Strachan has been a good support to fall back on and has kept him off the streets. With a roof over his head, he can begin to piece his life back together.  He hopes to take courses in welding so he can start working again. He is taking things one step at a time, and is happy that Homes First provides him with the right supports to help him along the way.

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