Michael - Wanda's Arts Award Nominee


After listening to a track off of Michael’s fourteen song album, his mastery of the electronic genre is evident. The bold sounds evoke a futuristic feel and took a year to self-produce. Michael cites the security of living with Homes First as part of the reason for his success. It’s given him the stability to explore and thrive. 

Prior to living at Jarvis House Michael worked at a variety of labour intensive jobs, even becoming a leather craftsman at one point. But the exhaustion of work routed him in a different direction, and he soon found himself on the streets searching for shelter. “It was a difficult time for me,” he recalls. But once situated at Jarvis he began a journey into music.  That was eighteen years ago, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

 “I’m a one man band, a multi-instrumentalist, so I play the trumpets, the drums, the synthesizer, the piano. I play all those instruments through my computer keyboard,” he explains. With the help of a tutor Michael learned as many programs as possible and was soon creating and uploading digital music on his own. He’s even created his own website and is a part of an internet community where he posts all of his musical offerings.  

Creating his album has allowed Michael to accomplish something he’s wanted to do for a very long time. “There’s a lot of me in the music. I’ve always been inspired by Giorgio Moroder’s music and always wanted to be an electronic musician – and now I am.”

Michael has also created an extravagant cybergoth costume to compliment his sound. “Some people might think the costume’s a little bit scary but that’s the cybergoth fashion,” explains Michael, and according to him it comes with the territory. His next project will be to include the costumes and dance into a music video for his songs.

Michael feels validated by the nomination and hopes the additional attention will broaden his exposure.  “It’s nice to be recognized, but what’s really valuable is the exposure - to get my page viewed more and music played - would be great.”

Listen to Michael’s album “Don Hirogen Express” here.

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