A mug in his hand, a song on his lips, street balladeer offers his story

Date: June 28, 2013 Author: Mantis System Categories: Latest News

Billyven Dandin lives at Strachan House. He was profiled in The Toronto Star on June 21, 2013.


If you live downtown, you’ve probably heard the musical stylings of Billyven Dandin.

He’s the guy on the sidewalk, shaking a hardware store chain inside a plastic mug, singing a hypnotic melody of his own composition, squatting really low like he’s doing the twist. For years his deep voice has occasionally floated into your open window, as he sings the same song, keeping the same beat with the same cup.

The song is one of the most consistent things in his life, a string of 45 words that bring comfort, pride and pocket change. The tune is in his head when he wakes up, the cup is never far away. In a life of misery, the cup and song bring solace.


Read the full article here, courtesy of The Toronto Star.