We believe that the essential first step in getting people off the street is to give them a home of their own and voice in the decisions that affect their housing.

Homes First currently owns and/or manages 17 buildings consisting of approximately 300 units and housing more than 500 men, women and children. These buildings provide overnight shelter, transitional housing, shared accommodation, and independent living opportunities that facilitate the difficult transition from the street to temporary shelter to permanent accommodation.



Savards is a 30 bed hostel for women with a long history of homelessness and mental health issues. Savards was designed to offer a high-tolerance, low-demand environment. It was the first of its kind and remains unique in the City of Toronto. It has also been an incredible success: many women who were unable to access the existing hostel system feel safe at Savards. 
St. Clair Shelter is an emergency 90 bed shelter for men and women. Many residents are employed or actively seeking employment. The shelter serves people who have recently become homeless. People stay until stabilized and are often rehoused. 


Strachan House is a converted warehouse located in the west end of Toronto.  Based on the original StreetCity, Strachan House consists of 12 houses, each with their own kitchen, bathroom, and common area, and connected by a network of streets. There are 83 units for single adult men and women and is a first step off the street. At Strachan each unit has their own front door and a window onto the “street”. Levitt Goodman Architects worked closely with Homes First staff and tenants in the design of Strachan House. In 1999, they were the recipient of the Governor General’s Medal of Excellence for this design.



Kennedy Shelter is a 90-bed women's shelter serving women facing situations of abuse, mental health and addiction. Some women there are recently homeless, while others are chronically homeless.





Bellevue is a three-story apartment building with 28 units for single people. Located in the heart of Kensington market, residents belong to
a small close-knit community. The building’s lush lawn, flower beds, and vegetable gardens are maintained by Bellevue’s active residents. 


(Northcote Building)

Brandon House & Northcote are rooming houses with shared facilities for single men who are referred by the City’s Streets to Homes. The properties contain five and six units, respectively.
Huron is a rooming house with shared facilities. Its 10 units provide a home for single men who have been chronically homeless and are dealing with issues of mental health and addiction. Residents are chosen for Huron based on their ability and desire to live in a small-group setting.




Jarvis House is one of our oldest properties. It provides shared accommodation for 24 men. There is a strong sense of community as reflected in the friendly atmosphere and participation at house meetings and organized events.


Meegwetch Place has 14 townhouses for families and 50 bachelor, one and two-bedroom apartments.  Occupying a small block in the west-end of Toronto, residents are part of a diverse and vibrant community that speaks 19 languages. “Meegwetch” means “Thank you” in the First Nations language of the Ojibway. 




Pleasant Manor has 16 self-contained bachelors and one-bedroom units for men and women. Originally a hotel and tavern and a designated heritage site, the first residents at Pleasant Manor were residents of Street City. 


Sheila Miller contains 22 units for men, women, and their families. Fully accessible, the Sheila Miller building helps us accommodate residents with physical limitations more comfortably.

The residents and staff work continually at building a strong and active community where residents can come together to share their experiences in creating a safe and supportive environment.




Shuter was the first housing project for single people in the City of Toronto. Located in the heart of downtown, Shuter has 77 shared units for older men and women dealing with a variety of issues including addiction, alcoholism, mental health, and aging.

Shuter has a partnership with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and Pilot Place to provide 18 units for individuals previously hospitalized.




  The Spadina Houses are rooming houses
  with shared facilities.  One house has seven
  units for single men, the other six units for
  single women. 

Vaughan is a three-story apartment building with 29 units for adults, single parent families, and couples. Located near Bathurst and St. Clair, Vaughan provides safe and affordable housing for new immigrants and refugees.




Former home of Alice and Dan Heap, Wales is now home to men and women who were victims of torture. Homes First receives referrals for Wales from the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture, Amnesty International, and other agencies that assist refugees and immigrants from troubled countries.


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