Quilting up Comfort

Twice a week, you can find the Etobicoke Quilter’s Guild sorting supplies and sewing away at their local community centre. The group makes over 140 unique comfort quilts each year, which they then donate to people of all ages in shelters and hospices across Toronto.

Homes First is fortunate to be a recipient of the donated quilts, a gift our residents are grateful to receive as they settle into their new home. The comfort quilts are aptly named – the care and kindness put into their creation is apparent. With few belongings to their name, our residents are often overwhelmed by not only owning such a beautiful quilt, but also by the compassion put into making it.

The comfort quilts work their magic in another way: on the quilter’s themselves. While the Guild is made up of people from all walks of life, many are retirees. “Often when people retire, they feel a loss of purpose,” shares Comfort Quilt program coordinator Joan. “Many feel like they’re not contributing anymore. But when they make a quilt, they know they’ve made a difference in the life of another person.”  For these quilters, it is much more than a pastime-it’s a labour of love.

The Quilter’s Guild isn’t just donating comforters: they give our residents a sense of comfort and security. On behalf of Homes First and all our residents who have received a comfort quilt, we thank you!

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