Wanda's Arts Awards

This year, we showcased a little-known piece of Toronto at Tie One On– the artistic work of Homes First’s residents. We were thrilled to bring back the Wanda’s Arts Awards, an annual bursary program supporting our residents who use art to cope and heal. Become an Art Partner (see Wanda's Sponsorship Package) today and help our residents pursue their talent.

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This award is in memory of Wanda Noonan, a former Homes First resident and wonderful artist who passed away in 2013.

Also known as Sherry, Wanda grew up in Winnipeg. At the age of 26 she had a nervous breakdown and struggled with mental illness from that point on. She was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. For most of the 40 years after her breakdown, she stayed in a series of hospitals, shelters, group homes and rooming houses. Sometimes her family knew where she was staying, but many times the search would start anew. Find out how her family’s seven years of searching ends.