Wanda’s Arts Awards 2020: Annis (3rd place winner)

Value with Pride by Annis

Life is not about what you are; it is about who you are. It is how you live your life, not what you do in life, your work or where you work. 

Thinking of your position in life is more important than people’s life. You may be a king, powerful and rich, and still be a slave. Poor in your thinking and action and not be respected and admired because of what you are, and not who you are.

Be quiet and still and ask yourself these questions: are you a person that is humble? Who are you living for and what are you living for? Live life with love, care, trust in your heart and mind for all people; love is beautiful. Value honour; give it with respect, kindness, care, love, and trust. It will bring hope to the hopeless. Don’t live with hate and pride in your heart and mind; it is a destructive thought that lives in the heart and mind of a (fool). It will destroy you. It is easy to hate and it takes courage to love. Show courage and love, care and trust. Stop being proud of what you are. Be proud of who you are.

Remember, love, care and trust always win – every time-. Poverty of the mind is perilous and merciless, as false pride is. To say you don’t know everything is wisdom.

Love with wisdom gives you the knowledge and courage to accept, respect, and understand others. It empowers you to do what is right every time and every day in your life journey.

About Annis

I am living at Homes First because of unpredictable changes in my life. I get the support I need from the community workers whenever I need it. I love writing, sharing my words with people.


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