Wanda’s Arts Awards 2020: Heather (2nd place winner)

What Arts Means to Me by Heather


Art takes imagination, creativity, openness and awareness of the world around you. 

It can irrevocably change your life, affect absolutely everything that you think and do.


Visual, auditory, textural, performance

The best break steadfast rules, demonstrate non-conformance.


Vivid expressions of great beauty, ugliness, worldly concerns, injustices, triumphs—a spiked coleslaw

Art records a given time, place, circumstances – wonder, awe – subjective, intangible, je ne sais quoi.


Lightness and darkness of the subject and artist’s mind

Even the really blind have the good sense to unwind.


Great emotions evoked–Jan Porcellis’ stormy dark choppy undulating whitecapped waters to Claude Monet’s calm blue-green steady waterlilied scenes —

Artists’ oomphstasy-zonal conceptualizations motivated.  Primeval, authentic, visceral – pure joy, trust, fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger, anticipation– up-down trampoline.


Great art shakes you up.  Forces you to re-evaluate, critique what is done and why

Dredges up emotional memories – the good, the bad, the weird, the ugly.


An artist is an odd breed

They have their very own creed.


They will forsake all comforts in the name of their original art

Contempt, disbelief, ridicule, dismissal – they don’t give a fart!


Because it’s better to keep your unique vision

Even if without applause or television.


An artist is not the same as others

Loyal, they stick to their druthers.


Every artist must be ever so curious

Eclectic, diverse interests, yet dubious.


My own voice is in my heartfelt words

Music to my ears, trills of songbirds.


Crosswords, key words, watchwords, passwords

We, writers, are sometimes quirky nerds.


About Heather

Growing up in the Maritimes to teacher parents, I have always loved words. When my body started to fail, I turned to the comfort of words. I decided to pursue writing to voice my opinions and help others. In April my story – One Crow, Two Crows – was published. Other stories have been posted online. Currently, I am working on a book about COVID and its social impacts. To do so, I have shelved a partially-written Sci-Fi novel to complete sometime in the future. 

Curious about a myriad of subjects, I have a joie de vivre. As a writer, I look at each new piece, and life in general, as a puzzle to be solved and reworked. In most of my writings, I weave in trivia, history, animals and references to my Christian faith. 


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