Wanda's Arts Awards Winners 2018

We had many great artists nominated this year, but two came out on top! Congratulations to Erika and Allison!

Erika’s journey with art began in her early years at school in the Czech Republic, where her adoptive mother enrolled her in painting and drawing classes. She attended a private school with a focus on art, and her talent kept growing.

If I don’t feel good or if I feel I have a good idea, I just start drawing. Sometimes when I don’t feel good, I draw all day. It makes me calm down-Erika.

Blue Wolf: An Art Piece by Erika

Photo: Blue Wolf an Art Piece by Erika, Firs tPlace Wanda’s Arts Award Winner 2018.

For Alison, her voice, both the musical side and literary side, is her connection to the world. A single mother, she’s faced trauma and hardship in her life. As she’s grown and matured, so has her writing. She credits the support Homes First has given, through housing and case workers, in helping her connect more deeply with her writing. 

With that kind of help it’s been enabling me to actually feel free to write again and get back into who I am- Allison.

A special mention goes to our runner-up nominees, Avonelle, a passionate potter, and James, a new winner who draws wherever he goes. This year marks Avonelle’s third nomination for the Wanda’s Arts Awards, and James is a first-time nominee. 

Man an art piece by James

Photo: Man an art piece by James

Our third place winner are Dey, Cecilia, and Geoff, all of whom proved that they too are dedicated and great artists! 

Bird by Geoff

Photo: Bird by Geoff

Wanda’s Arts Awards are named in memory of Wanda Noonan, a former resident of Homes First and artists. The award program is a bursary program supporting Homes First residents who use art to cope and heal. 

Congratulations again to all our winners! 

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