Why We’re Here

It costs a lot to provide a safe, stable, suitable home for Toronto's chronically homeless. It costs even more not to.

Why We're Here, a photo of 2 people Homes First has helpedThe housing first approach was pioneered by Homes First thirty years ago. Through experience and research we know that:

  • Housing First improves the lives of those who are homeless and have a mental illness
  • Housing First makes better use of government and publicly donated funds, especially for those who are high service users
  • A cross-ministry approach that combines health, housing, social services with non-profit partners is required to solve chronic homelessness.
  •  Solving chronic homelessness can create dramatic improvements in Canadian communities.

People need a home before they can begin to work on other issues. With a home, people can build a future. They have a better chance of integrating into society. They are healthier. They rely less on social and health services.

We are here to provide a home first. We work with others to provide the supports people need to maintain their housing and rebuild their lives. We accept referrals from and draw on the knowledge and experience of other community service organizations to support our residents. These include:

ACT Team

Anishnawbe Health Toronto


Community Care Access Centre

Canadian Mental Health Association

Community Resource Connections of Toronto

Pilot Place

Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture

Streets to Homes

Contact Team

Corner Drop-In

COTA Health

Dixon Hall

Evangel Hall

Fred Victor Mission

Meals on Wheels

Mental Health & Justice Program

Miracle Foundation

Native Women‘s Resource Centre

Niagara Health Centre

Older Persons' Mental Health & Addictions Network of Ontario

Progress Place

Queen West Community Health Centre

Queen West Harm Reduction

Reconnect Mental Health Services

Regent Park Community Health Centre

Seaton House


A short video on Homes First produced by students at Bishop Marrocco Secondary School

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