Your Support Helps Homeless Find A Home

Our mission and philosophy begin with home. Housing the homeless is not just about providing shelter, it’s about providing a supportive community. Building community isn’t cheap, and Homes First Foundation relies on individual donors to help cover the costs of Homes First Society programs. You don’t have to be wealthy to have a practical, everyday impact in the life of a Homes First resident. Moreover, every donation, big or small, makes a difference. One recent difference maker is 10-year old Ella, and we couldn’t be more impressed by this young lady!


Often it is the youth of society who demand change. They use their voices, their time, and their money to make society a better more inclusive place for everyone, including societies most vulnerable. Ella knows the importance of giving back to her community and of being a change maker. Through her Birthday party this year she raised $250 for Homes First Foundation using Wish and Give, a third party fundraising platform. Ella’s gift breaks down barriers, and it helps Homes First build a community of support for our residents. Gifts, like Ella’s help people as they transition from life on the street to long-term stable housing. Ella, thank you for being a community champion for Homes First Foundation! Here are some of the ways your gift has impacted our residents. 

  • Eight people had a home and support at one of Homes First’s 18 properties for 24hrs thanks to your $250 gift. 
  • 30 women at our Savard’s Shelter had a hot meal. 

Wait there’s more…

  • A child was able to see his mother because she had a home.
  • On your Birthday, as many as 700 people participated in Homes First programs that helped them make a new start in life. 

Thank you, again Ella. Your generosity keeps hope alive for Toronto’s homeless. 

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Housing first is part of the solution to ending chronic homelessness.

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