We Believe In A Homefull Toronto

Everyone needs a home.

Who We Are

Needs a home

Homes First supports over 2,300 individuals with the most complex needs including physical ailments, mental illness, substance use challenges, trauma, and chronic homelessness. 

We believe a roof over someone’s head is just the beginning. 

Current Campaign

Homefull Toronto

home • full
having a place to live and thrive.
a place that makes you feel hopeful for the future.

We believe Toronto should be Homefull. 
We believe it can be. 
We believe it will be.

Shelters across Toronto​
Referrals and Connections to Community Programs and Services
Meals Served
Nights of Emergency Shelter
Unique Individuals Stayed in Our Shelters (One Night or More)
Individuals In Our Supportive Housing
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a Roof over someone's head is just the beginning...

want to get invloved?

Whether you decide to make a financial gift, donate items or offer your time, there are plenty of ways to give back to your community with Homes First! 

Donate Essential Items

It takes a lot to transform a house into a home.

And, with the skyrocketing cost of living, everyday essentials have never been more inaccessible. 

Your donated items could serve as the crucial bridge between someone maintaining their tenancy or slipping back into homelessness.

Help our most vulnerable community members flourish.

Donate Your Time

with homes first

There’s no shortage of ways you can give back to your community by volunteering with Homes First! 

Do you have skill you would like to share with our residents? Or would you like to support at one of our events?

We have staff who can help get you started.  Get in touch!

Make A Homefull Toronto

With a financial donation, you support thousands of people in Toronto experiencing chronic homelessness every day. Make a one-time or recurring donation and let’s end chronic homelessness in Toronto. 

Together, we can build a #HomefullToronto.

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