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Northcote is one of our supportive housing sites; it is a six‐bedroom rooming house located in the Queen and Dufferin area and houses 6 adult

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4117 Lawrence

Lawrence Shelter has a 55-co-ed singles client capacity; individuals must be 18+ years old to become a Homes First client at this site. All Homes

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Meegwetch Place has 14 townhouses for families and 50 bachelor, one and two-bedroom apartments. Occupying a small block in the west-end of Toronto, residents are part of a diverse and vibrant community that speaks 19 languages. “Meegwetch” means “Thank you” in the First Nations language of the Ojibway.

Meegwetch Place

Meegwetch is one of our supportive housing sites; it is a five-storey brick apartment building with a total of 50 units and a townhouse complex

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Jarvis House is one of our oldest properties. It provides shared accommodation for 24 men. There is a strong sense of community as reflected in the friendly atmosphere and participation at house meetings and organized events.


Jarvis House is one of our supportive housing sites; it is located near Jarvis and Dundas, is owned by TCH and the building and tenant

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Huron is one of our supportive housing sites; it is a three-storey, century old brick building consisting of 10 partially self‐contained bachelor units located in

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Delta Hotel Shelter

Delta Hotel Shelter has a 280-co-ed singles and couples client capacity and is pet friendly. The shelter opened in response to the growing pandemic-related need

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Bathurst-Lakeshore Shelter

Bathurst-Lakeshore is the newest Homes First shelter, serving 100 singles and 50 couples across two floors. Bathurst-Lakeshore houses a team of enhanced case management workers that work to stabilize residents and secure them appropriate, long-term housing.

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Strathcona Hotel Shelter

St. Clair Shelter is an emergency 90-bed shelter for men and women. Many residents are employed or actively seeking employment. The shelter serves people who have recently become homeless. People stay until stabilized and are often rehoused.

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Better Living Centre Shelter

Commonly viewed as the big pink building at the corner of Wellington and Strachan, Strachan House is a former textile factory that was converted into housing in 1996. Inspired by the former Homes First project StreetCity, Strachan uses a low-barrier and assertive tolerance approach to serve those who have been street involved and chronically homeless for years.
Strachan House consists of 12 houses, each with their own kitchen, bathrooms and common area. Strachan houses 83 individuals in private units, and 5 in emergency shelter beds. In 1999 Levitt Goodman Architects, the architects behind Strachan’s unique interior, were awarded the Governor General’s Medal of Excellence for its design.

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