Empowering Families: A new Beginning with Homes First 

Empowering Families: A new Beginning with Homes First 

At Homes First, we believe that every family deserves a safe and nurturing environment to thrive. Our commitment to breaking the cycle of chronic homelessness is exemplified through the heartwarming journey of Diana, Ricardo, and their daughters, Julieta and Paula.  

Three years ago, this young family made a courageous decision to leave Tulum, Mexico, seeking safety and stability in Canada. Tulum, once known for its beauty, had sadly become dangerous, especially for women. “We wanted the best for our girls, a future where they could be happy and safe,” Ricardo shared. Despite initial challenges upon their arrival in Canada in 2021, including navigating a new language and culture, their daughters quickly adapted, seamlessly integrating into their new school community. 

However, finding stable housing proved to be a daunting task. Repeated rejections from landlords who were hesitant to rent to a family with children left them discouraged. It was at this critical stage that they found refuge and hope at Homes First. Their journey with us began when they applied for one of our self-contained units, hoping for a place they could finally call home. 

The moment they received the news that they were accepted as tenants at our Wales location in 2022 remains etched in their memories. The joy and relief were palpable as they excitedly shared the news with their family back in Mexico. Their new home, with its spacious rooms, yard, and garden, symbolized more than just shelter; it represented a fresh start, a place where their dreams for their daughters could take root and flourish. 

Since moving in, Diana and Ricardo have been supported every step of the way by Homes First’s dedicated Intensive Case Management workers. Paulina, Elizabeth, and Miranda have been instrumental in helping them navigate social services, understand the responsibilities of tenancy, and integrate into their new community. “We feel profoundly grateful,” Diana expressed, reflecting on the unwavering support they’ve received. 

Today, Diana and Ricardo take immense pride in nurturing their family in a stable and supportive environment. Being able to support their daughters’ activities close to home brings them immense joy and reinforces their belief in the transformative power of safe housing and community support. 

Their story is a testament to the impact of compassionate care and dedicated support in breaking barriers and building brighter futures. At Homes First, we remain steadfast in our mission to empower families like Diana’s and Ricardo’s, ensuring that everyone can thrive. Together, we can make a difference, one family at a time. 

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