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What We Do

Homes First is one of the largest non-profit housing providers in Toronto. We are committed to breaking the cycle of chronic homelessness by providing emergency shelter and supportive housing and services for people with the fewest housing options in our city.

We provide:

Emergency shelter: We provide shelter for over 1,500 people each night across 11 shelter properties and do our best to connect them to stable housing. Through our integrated outreach networks, we act as a service navigator and community connector to prevent anyone from slipping through gaps in the system.

Supportive housing: We provide residents permanent, stable and supportive housing across 14 properties, including children, youth, women, single parents, adults, seniors and large families.

Essential support services: We help people stay housed or access permanent housing through initiatives such as eviction prevention, housekeeping, behavioural support, trauma-informed counselling, addictions and harm reduction services, and specialized supports for seniors to age in place. We also work with residents on life skills, hygiene, financial literacy, tenant rights and obligations, and other matters that contribute to their personal well-being.

Our Programs

Harm Reduction

Homes First serves all residents through a harm reduction approach. All staff respect that substance use is common and we choose to work to minimize harmful effects rather than simply ignore or condemn any issues. As an agency, we understand that substance use and unsafe sexual acts are complex and encompass a continuum of behaviors from severe abuse to total abstinence. ICM teams and other staff’s approach to all tenants is unique and based entirely on the direction the tenants see for themselves.

Homes First has a Harm Reduction Committee and is building a more robust Harm Reduction Department. Our Harm Reduction staff will work across different sites within Homes First, bringing added specialized knowledge and experience for residents requiring these services. We also be work in coordination with our external Harm Reduction Partners (Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre and South Riverdale Community Health Centre) to deliver supports at our sites.

Sites Running This Program

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Our Properties

Homes First owns and or manages several different properties across the GTA. Click the link below to read more about each of our properties.