The Shuter apartment building is one of our supportive housing sites; it is an 11-storey concrete construction and consists of a total of 17 apartments over 10 floors, for a total of 77 rooms. Shuter provides shared accommodation for 77 older single men and women in 17 four‐ or five‐ bedroom apartments. Individuals deal with a variety of issues, including substance use issues, alcoholism, mental health, and aging. The majority are significantly street involved. Shuter has a partnership with CAMH and Pilot Place for 18 units for individuals previously hospitalized with schizophrenia. In addition, there is a partnership with St. Elizabeth’s and Inner City Health Associates to operate what is now expanded to a 13-unit hospice providing around the clock palliative care to our city’s most vulnerable population at the end of their lives. Homes First has been operating a housing program here for over 37 years.

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