National Volunteer Week 2021: Sujena

National Volunteer Week 2021: Sujena

Its hard to enjoy Mondays but for volunteer yoga instructor Sujena, Mondays were one of her best days. Joining Homes First in January 2020, Sujena led a yoga class at our Kennedy women’s shelter, guiding residents through an hour program focused on wellbeing. No matter how bad her day had been, the smiles and gratitude she received from residents instantly made her day better.

 “It was something that just brightened up my week.”

The weekly classes took a pause when COVID-19 hit, but in June Sujena got in touch with the on-site coordinator to find another way get things going again. She understood that as the pandemic continued on, wellness programming would be important for those struggling.

Weekly yoga started up thanks to Zoom, and though there were some technical hiccups at the start, the program has been running smoothly since.

For Sujena, being a part of and giving back to her community was always important, and became even more so during the pandemic. She loves being able to create positive space for the participants in the weekly program, and now more than ever wants participants to feel connected to each other through yoga.

For Sujena guiding these classes and interacting with the ladies at homes first is a humbling reminder of the fragility of life and an inspiration to continue to push forward through adversity. Though she was a little hesitant when she first started, she can see how the program has benefitted not only residents at the shelter, but also herself, giving her new experiences and the chance to connect.

“A small difference is still a difference. Someone is going to appreciate it.”

Thank you Sujena for your continued volunteerism and support of Homes First residents!

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