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There are over 5,000 people in Toronto without a safe stable place to live. Hundreds live “rough” – in ravines, stairwells or on the street. Hundreds more suffer with mental illness and addictions. This forgotten slice of our population, people who have been street-involved for several years and who have nowhere else to go, is where Homes First comes in. We provide Housing First. We were the first and remain one of the largest providers of homes for people with the fewest options in Toronto.

What We Do,a photo of 2 people Homes First has helped

Homes come in many shapes and sizes but each is a safe, stable refuge and allows us to connect to others. Everyone needs a home. With a home, people can be part of a community, obtain ID, register for social services and keep in touch with family and friends. With a home, people gain respect, dignity and the ability to care for themselves and others.

The vast majority of homeless people – even those with severe mental health and/or substance use issues – can successfully stay housed and off the street with appropriate housing and supports.

Homes First works with others to advocate for fair and equitable funding for social housing providers and the creation and adoption of a national housing strategy. 

To learn how we do it, check out our Strategic Plan.

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