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What We Do

Homes First is one of the largest non-profit housing providers in Toronto. We are committed to breaking the cycle of chronic homelessness by providing emergency shelter and supportive housing and services for people with the fewest housing options in our city.

We provide:

Emergency shelter: We provide shelter for over 1,500 people each night across 11 shelter properties and do our best to connect them to stable housing. Through our integrated outreach networks, we act as a service navigator and community connector to prevent anyone from slipping through gaps in the system.

Supportive housing: We provide residents permanent, stable and supportive housing across 14 properties, including children, youth, women, single parents, adults, seniors and large families.

Essential support services: We help people stay housed or access permanent housing through initiatives such as eviction prevention, housekeeping, behavioural support, trauma-informed counselling, addictions and harm reduction services, and specialized supports for seniors to age in place. We also work with residents on life skills, hygiene, financial literacy, tenant rights and obligations, and other matters that contribute to their personal well-being.

Our Properties

Meegwetch Place has 14 townhouses for families and 50 bachelor, one and two-bedroom apartments. Occupying a small block in the west-end of Toronto, residents are part of a diverse and vibrant community that speaks 19 languages. “Meegwetch” means “Thank you” in the First Nations language of the Ojibway.

Meegwetch Place

Meegwetch is one of our supportive housing sites; it is a five-storey brick apartment building with a total of 50 units and a townhouse complex consisting of 14 brick and stucco townhouse units. In total Meegwetch has 19 bachelor apartments, two bachelor accessible units, 25 one-bedroom units, two one-bedroom accessible units, eight two‐bedroom units, four three‐bedroom units and four four‐bedroom units. The tenants of the apartment building have experienced the effects of poverty, substance use issues, and/or mental health issues. The apartment also houses the 14 individuals participating in the Centre for Addictions and Health (CAMH) schizophrenia program. Vacancies are often filled through referrals from our own shelters and partnerships with other shelter providers, and ACT teams. For the CAMH program, referrals are made directly from the in-patient schizophrenia unit to Homes First. In the townhouses, the residents have been housed based on internal transfers for expanding families, family reunification, or referrals from agencies serving families, such as Children’s Aid Society. Homes First has been operating a housing program here for over 29 years.

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Programs conducted at this property:

  • CYX Project
  • XYZ Programs
  • Face Reduction Program
  • Sister Programs
  • Happy Together XYZ
  • Follow-Up Bro Program

Our Programs

Homes First provides many programs to our residents and surrounding community. Click the link below to read more about our programs.