Homes First programming: helping our seniors age in place

Homes First programming: helping our seniors age in place

Did you know that seniors are the fastest growing homeless population in the city of Toronto?

This spring Homes First is launching a campaign that will help alleviate some of the day-to-day barriers that this aging population faces. 

We will focus on three main pillars:

Improved Food Security: our goal is to develop an internal food program which will provide vulnerable seniors the direct access to nutritious food and bolster our existing capacity to connect residents with food banks and other community food supports.

Increased Access to Primary Healthcare: the campaign will help develop dedicated teams to assists in our senior residents’ access of their primary healthcare services, virtual and in person

Enhanced Socialization & Recreational Programming: we will develop social programming (in accordance with provincial health guidelines) to provide our senior residents with opportunities to connect with one another, by creating safe space for conversations, or by recreational or physical activities. 

There are many ways you can support us throughout this campaign, so be sure to check back in early spring for our official launch! 

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